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Dr. Harrison Hightower, Founder & CEO

  • "In an effort to avoid student loan debt for my undergraduate studies, I spent my junior year of high school mastering the ACT. After countless hours of learning the ins and outs of the test, I ended up scoring high enough to earn a full-tuition, presidential scholarship to Auburn University. I began helping other students with the ACT during my senior year of high school in 2015. I earned my bachelors in biomedical sciences in 2019 and completed my Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) in May of 2022." 

  • We currently have over 20 high-performing tutors on our staff who specialize in course-specific tutoring. Our tutors are extremely driven individuals with a passion for helping other students achieve their goals. 

  • We also offer live NAPLEX Prep Webinars that are designed to review high-yield topics and teach students how to best prepare for the NAPLEX. Dr. Hightower decided to combine his background in pharmacy with his expertise in standardized test prep. He currently works part-time as a clinical pharmacist and loves helping soon-to-be pharmacists 


HighPrep Tutoring and Test Prep, LLC was founded in 2021. The mission of our company is to help students achieve their academic goals and obtain scholarships through increased standardized test scores.

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